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My Top 5 Favorites for a Luxe Foyer in Your Home

November 20, 2023

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First impressions are everything, so let’s make your home a luxuriously welcoming one.  I’ve listed 5 essential ingredients for the perfect transitional foyer. Take these ideas and run with them or reach out to APD for customized help with your own home.

1. Add a Console Table

How many times have you walked into a home and awkwardly scrambled for a place to set your bag down? Don’t let your guests panic. A console table is a must-have for a welcoming yet functional entryway. Designating a place where guests can put their handbags and other items will create instant, often overlooked, comfortability. Find yours here.

2. Hang a Mirror

Make guests feel welcome by offering a convenient spot to check their hair and makeup right at the entryway. This mirror has so much character and interest, I just love it. Grab yours here.

3. Prop up an Ottoman

If you’re a “no shoes inside” household, offer guests a place to sit and take their kicks off before entering your home. I have a toddler so that’s pretty much a pipe dream but maybe someday we can maintain clean floors. I’m really loving this warm auburn tone lately, so luxurious! Make it yours here.

4. Add a Table Lamp

Good lighting is always appreciated in an entryway or bathroom. Make your guests look and feel lovely with a tall table lamp that casts a beautiful glow. This one is a perfect height at 24 inches tall, anything less than 20 inches won’t be very flattering on the face. Get it here.

5. Find your Signature Scent

These Giambattista Valli candles are manufactured in Normandy, France and I can’t think of anything more show stopping than having a signature scent line your entryway. This special edition candle was inspired by the designer’s love of the scents of picturesque Positano. Sign me up! Find yours here.

These 5 pieces are the perfect starting point to any welcoming foyer with a transitional style. Go out and search for unique pieces that are conversation starters and create a beautiful entryway for your guests to experience.

Ready to design a home that feels comfortable, welcoming, stylish, and personal? We can help. Reach out to us and let’s chat.



Disclaimer: This blog post may include affiliate links that will earn me a small percentage on any purchases at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!

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