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Have a Question for Us? Someone Else Did, Too! Check Out Our Top 4 FAQs…

November 17, 2023

I serve clients coast-to-coast with services ranging from virtual interior design, paint color consultations, 3D renderings... I also do a little bit of blogging.

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I often hear the same questions time & time again from potential clients. There’s so many nuances between different design firms & how they’re run so I’ve addressed our most common FAQs in this post. By the end, you’ll have a better idea of APD’s design process & philosophy.

FAQ #1: How do I know if I need an interior designer?

As my friend & mentor Maria Killam says “ugly costs just as much as pretty” so why not opt for the pretty by getting an opinion from a professional. Especially if you’re undergoing major renovations or building a home from scratch, what better way to ensure you’ll be happy with the outcome than by bringing a professional interior designer on board.

FAQ #2: What are the best paint colors for any given room of the home?

I love this question because that’s like asking “what’s the best lipstick color for me?” with zero context about your skin tone, hair or eye color. I never pick a paint color first. In fact, I select paint after all other furniture and decor are chosen. Pro tip: pick your paint color last. It’s much easier to match your paint color to your rug versus trying to match your rug to your paint color.

FAQ #3: Will you work with my builder or general contractor?

Yes, absolutely! I love working with contractors & builders to make a client’s dream home come true. I have a deep respect for the people who put the sweat equity into making the idea come to life.

FAQ #4: How do you capture my design style?

Discovering my client’s design style is such a fun part of the project journey. I constantly tweak and refine my client questionnaire to get a sense of how they’ll use the space, what’s important to them and what brings them joy in life. Designing someone’s home is about so much more than picking pretty furniture.. It’s about creating a space that makes life easier for them all while being aesthetically pleasing. I also ask all my client’s to send me a Pinterest board of “loves” & “yucks” so we can get on the same page visually.

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